Welcome to the Otterly Amazing Cafe! A relaxing, chill, Odder Otter themed cafe. Come sit back and enjoy our selection of teas, coffees, pastries, and atmosphere.Take a break from the adventuring life with us, meet new friends, and share in our love for music with our open stage!Join Jeffrey's Chill Tunes!Sundays 7:00 PM - 11 PM EST
Primal - Leviathan - Lavender Beds - Ward 18 Plot 32


The Otterly Amazing Cafe is a labor of love from the owners Sora and Railin. Sora studied her culinary craft for many years and dreamed to open a cafe of her own, she brought the idea to her business savvy co-owner and they got to work!Their goal was to create a safe, relaxing space where people from all over could come to relax, enjoy the food and drinks, and to just forget about the stress and problems of life and take it easy for a while usually with some nice music.The Otterly Amazing Cafe is situated in the Lavender Beds and offers a variety of baked goods and drinks on it's rotating menu, lots of seats and space to sit back and relax, and an open stage for bards from all over, big or small, to come share their music with the world.We hope you thoroughly enjoy the time you spend with us here! Please leave a note in the book upstairs and tell us how we are doing!

Free Wifi!
Wifi: MSS-V3SZ4T74L96P
Password: OtterlyCriminalActivity


Sora Aestrea - Owner
Culinary Artist - Patissier - Barrista - Bartender

Cezahn Starchild

Viirx Astra

Melly Bean

Vora Graar

Soft Bean - Cute Floof - Distraction

Party Animal - Fishing Enthusiast - Lounge Dweller

Railin Aloha - Retired Co-Owner
Hostess - Barrista - Bartender

Nyte Crawler - Retired
Resident Bard - Not a Jukebox - Smol Popoto


Sora also does Gpose photography so if you are interested please check out their carrd for details.